The Mauritius Ornate Day Gecko

The Mauritius Ornate Day gecko is one of the cutest geckos ever!

This tiny gecko lives in tropical forests and coconut plantations on Mauritius, an island located near Madagascar. Its relative, the Reunion Island ornate day gecko, lives nearby on an island called Reunion. These are the two only places this type of gecko lives.

The Mauritius gecko likes to spend its time sunbathing on rocks or crawling up the walls and ceilings of peoples’ homes. In the rainforest, it keeps to the leaves and branches of trees. During the day, the geckos search for insects to eat. They also like to eat nectar, pollen, and overripe fruit. This species of gecko is very vocal and makes noise by clicking its tongue against the roof of its mouth.

This beautiful, brightly colored gecko is able to climb walls and ceilings because of its specialized feet. On its toe pads are scales covered in tiny bristles. On the end of each bristle is a microscopic suction cup which allows the gecko to climb vertical surfaces, walk upside down across ceilings, and even traverse slippery glass window panes.

Watch this video of a Mauritius Ornate Day gecko in its natural habitat: